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2020.04.08 -- 已转战手机APP平台!

2020.03.25 -- Fifteen years later, Havard students and faculty still remember those early months watching the new network generate a new kind of reality, one where your online activity became permanently entangled with your offline self, where a relationship wasn't real unless it was posted to Facebook, where everyone was assumed to have an online presence.
> 十五年后,哈弗的学生和学院都记得早些日子他们看着网络生成一种新的现实,即你的在线活动与离线永远的绑定在了一起,除非发送给 Facebook ,这种关系是不真实的,假设每个人都在线。

2020.03.24 -- The number of people killed on the roads was falling steadily in the UK until 2020, at which point the decline suddenly ended. Why? Because, while fewer drivers and passengers are dying, the number of pedestrians killed has risen by 11%.
> 英国的交通事故正在稳步下降,在2020年这一指数突然停止下降。为什么?因为虽然司机和乘客没有了,但是行人的死亡数量上升了11%。

2020.03.23 -- Instead, the best strategy is to use the agent as a kind of tip service to keep abreast of jobs in a particular database; when you get E-mail, consider it reminder to to check the database again.

2020.03.20 -- With their $26.5 billion merger hanging in the balance, top executives of T-Mobile and Sprint are taking their case to Congress, arguing that joining their companies won't hurt competition or jack up consumer prices for wireless service.
> 随着他们的265亿美元的合并还未落定, T-Mobile and Sprint 的高层带着他们的案子去了国会,争论加入他们的公司并不会伤害他们的竞争或者提高无线服务的消费价格。

2020.03.19 -- Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency have shown that Oxford and Cambridge are almost alone among the competitive British universities in failing to expand their intake of domestic undergraduates while slowly increasing the proportion of sought-after places going to EU and international student.
> 来自 Higher Education Statistics Agency 的数据显示在英国竞争激烈的大学中,只有牛津和剑桥大学没能扩大他们的国内毕业生的录取率,同时向欧洲和国际生慢慢开放热门专业比例。

2020.03.18 -- States have very different ways of recognizing online accounts and data. Some treat digital assets as property like a car or a savings account. Others treat digital assets as private data that shouldn't be accessed by anyone else. In general, tech companies won't turn over your data without your express consent, though some make exceptions for heirs.
> 各州对待网上账户和数据有不同的态度。一些州把数字资产看做一辆车或者存储账号,一些把数字资产看做不会被移交给任何人的私人数据。通常,科技公司在没有你的明确同意的状态下移交你的数据,即使有些对继承人有例外。

2020.03.16 -- Testimony from industry groups and advocates previewed plenty of buzzy topics that legislators are likely to probe, from discriminatory pricing to limits on processing certain types of data. But lawmakers are splite most starkly over the question of whether a federal law should supersede or take the place of state statutes.

2020.03.15 -- Michael Cohen's testimony is as unprecedented as it is stunning: A direct witness to the actions of the president of the United States presented specific evidence of the president's decades-old pattern of lying, financial fraud, intimidation and betrayal of his country for personal gain.
Michael Cohen 的证词前所未有地令人惊讶:作为一个美国总统的行动的直接目击者,提供了具体的证据,美国总统过去数十年来为了个人利益,撒谎,金融欺诈,恐吓,背叛国家。

2020.03.13 -- Apple issued a warning to developers last week after a TechCrunch report revealed companies had contracted with an analytics firm, Glassbox, to record customers' screens as they used their apps.

2020.03.11 --It looked more than a litter weird: One of America's most successful companies decides not to locate a headquarters in New York, and some of the city's most prominent politicians cheer.
> 这个现象不是一点奇怪:一个美国最成功的公司之一决定不把公司总部设在纽约,这个城市的一些优秀的政客感到高兴。

2020.03.10 -- Wages grew 3.4 percent in the past year, the government reported Friday, the fastest pace in nearly a decade and well above inflation, suggesting that employers are striving to lure and retain workers.Many are slashing requirements for jobs and hiring workers quickly to prevent them from being employed by competitors, a far cry from the days when job seekers felt lucky to even get a callback.

2020.03.09 -- While boosting science education remains a good idea, and not only because of the expected economic benefit, the humanites matter too -even if their contribution is less easily measured in our instrumentalist ago.
> 虽然推动科学教育是一个好主意,但人文主义也很重要,这不仅仅是期望的经济利益,即使它在这个实用工具时代的贡献很小。

2020.03.07 --Understanding how languages emerge and survive holds great interest for researchers, since many languages are slipping away in increasing numbers around the world. Uncommom languages are better equipped to survive, researchers are learning, when young people are actively speaking them, wether in a family setting, in a school system, or in immersion programs.
> 理解语言怎么出现和存在引起了研究者很大的兴趣,自从世界上越来越多的语言消失。研究者发现,当年轻人在家庭环境中,学校系统以及活跃的工程中活跃地使用一些不平凡的语言时,他们更能生存下来。

2020.03.06 -- If wo hope to raise kids who are brave, competent and resourceful, we have to let them step out into the world on their own, away from our relentless, watchful eyes, and with a realistic perspective on the dangers they face. We must, as psychologist Laurence Steinbery writes, "protect when you must, but permit when you can."
> 如果我们希望培养一个勇敢、有能力、足智多谋的孩子,就必须阻止他以他的方式走出这个世界,远离我们无情的、警觉的视角,用现代的眼光看待他们面临的危险。我们必须向心理学家说的那样:“当必要时保护他,当可能时许诺他。”

2020.03.05 -- Julie Schablitsky, the chief archaeologist with the Maryland state highway administration, told the Post the discovery, based on saliva absorbed into the clay pipe, was a "mind-blower".
>Julie Schablitsky 是Maryland州的首席考古学家,他告诉报告说,基于粘土管道吸收的口水,是一个令人感到兴奋的事情

2020.03.04 -- Those who study social media say that slowing the spread of appalling videos might require the companies to change or limit some features that help spread stimulating content. Those include powerful search and recommendation algorithms, nearly instantaneous uploads and autoplay.

2020.03.03--The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, defying a push from President Trump for lower rates intended to stimulate the economy. "It appears that risks have moderated somewhat," Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H.Powell said Wednesday, pointing to improving global growth and financial market conditions and optimism about trade tensions easing.
>周三,美联储没有改变利率,违反了特朗普总统要求降低利率而刺激经济的命令。“看起来风险已经缓和了,”美联储的总裁Jerome H.Powell星期三说,他认为,随着全球经济增长和金融市场条件提高,对贸易紧张局势缓和保持乐观。

2020.03.02--Yet,contrary to expectations, Americans in remote location did not rely more on online shopping. Instead, the researchers found people in more densely populated areas were more likely to do their shopping online, though that may also be tied to education levels and access to Internet connections and banking services.
>但是 ,与预期相反,美国的偏远地区并不依赖于线上消费。相反,调查者发现在人口密集的地方人们更倾向于线上消费,所以认为这个现象与受教育水平、接入互联网以及银行服务有关。

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